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Finance for Business

We have years of experience arranging finance for businesses and have established relationships with top finance houses, giving us access to great rates.

Whether you need a single vehicle or a whole fleet, we can find the right asset and lender to fit your budget.

Contact us now to learn more about our financing options and how we can help your business grow.
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Truck & HGV Finance

We have many years experience in arranging finance for hauliers including HGV's, tractor units, trucks and trailers. Over this time we have built relationships with many of the leading finance houses giving us access to competitive rates.

Whether you are looking to purchase one vehicle or a fleet, we can find you the right asset for your business and the right lender with a payment structure that suits your budget.W currently have a selection that may be suitable for your requirements.

Contact us now to find out more about truck finance.
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Car Finance

West End Leasing has been helping customers finance cars for personal and business use for nearly 30 years. From family cars to prestige vehicles we can finance almost any kind of car at very competitive rates. We can also assist you with settling existing finance as well as selling your old car for you. If you haven't found the right car just yet we can also source a vehicle from one of our trusted suppliers.

We also have a selection of cars for sale that may be of interest.
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Van & LCV Finance

We know the importance of a reliable vehicle when it comes to running a small business. Whether you are a limited company or a sole trader we have access to many different lenders that can help to grow your business and provide finance on a variety of different vans and LCV's. We can even help you source a suitable vehice using our contacts with a range of trusted suppliers.

West End Leasing have a selection of vans for sale that could be right for your business.
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Plant & Machinery Finance

Cashflow is extremely important in the construction industry and here at West End Leasing we can find the perfect product for you to help manage your finances and help your business to flourish. From small pieces of plant to specialist machinery, whether you're a sole trader or a limited company, you can rely on us to provide an excellent service and competitive rates.

We have a range plant machinery for sale from trusted suppliers that can source the right equipment for you.
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Commercial Funding

Commercial funding is another term for business finance or business funding. It is lending designed for commercial enterprises rather than individuals and is often talked about in contrast to personal finance. There are many types of commercial finance.

Originally, commercial finance would have come from mainstream lenders like high street banks, but nowadays there is a variety of alternative finance available too.

Commercial finance is more varied than ever. We finance building assets including modification for health, safety & fire.  If you're looking for a commercial finance we can help you find the right funding from the leading providers across the whole market.

Risks of Vehicle Financing

Hire Purchase Risks

  • You won’t own the asset until you have made the final hire purchase payment. Therefore the vendor has the right to seize it should you fall foul of their terms.
  • Almost all assets depreciate over time. It's important to keep in mind that,
    depending on what type of equipment you're financing with hire purchase, it
    may be at the end of its useful life by the time you reach the end of the
    agreement, meaning it will need to be replaced.
  • Title doesn’t pass to the customer until the final payment has been made.

Finance Lease Risks

  • The agreement is secured against the asset: therefore if you don’t pay, the
    asset may be repossessed.
  • Non-payment can negatively affect the credit rating of both the business and
    the guarantor
  • The finance company are the legal owners of the asset, and you will not own it.

Operating Lease Risks

  • The finance company are the legal owners of the asset, and you will not own it.
  • As the lessor retains ownership, you may need to depend on them for
    maintenance, repairs, and replacement, which - if not efficiently managed -
    could disrupt your business operations.

Contract Hire Risks

  • You can't end your contract early even if your circumstances change.
  • Excess mileage charges are the fees you will pay to the finance provider if you go over your pre-agreed mileage allowance. The excess mileage charge is calculated at a pence per mile rate. Put simply, the more you go over your pre-
    agreed mileage, the more it will cost you in excess mileage charges.
  • Owning the car isn’t an option.

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